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Located in the “Les Mourlas” business area in Cornebarrieu (31700), the Glass & Mug welcomes you in a warm and friendly space. Our motivation is fueled by the good humor and the good-natured atmosphere that reigns in our establishment open to all. Whether you come with your family to taste our delicious homemade Belgian fries as well as our fresh and local products or with friends after work to relax and enjoy one of our many refreshing beers, there will always be a place for you !


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The beer drawers rental service, our home cooking including our Belgian fries as well as the catering part, the tasting of our spirits, but also our shaded terrace, private parking or even the air-conditioned room.

Beer of the moment

AVERBODE Abbey beer is on tap at Glass And Mug.

This 7.5% Belgian golden blond multigrain beer – barley malt, oats, spelled – raw hopped, technique of adding cold hops during the aging process to enhance the fruity character. This “well-known Belgian abbey beer” is also fermented in the bottle.

The result is a beer with a fruity nose, a hint of sweetness and subtle hop aromas with a fresh, powerful and bitter aftertaste, produced by the Brasserie Huyghe brand.



New at GLASS And MUG

The GLASS AND MUG invites you to come and relax by taking advantage of our 2 shaded terraces. In fact, for a few days now, a new terrace in front of the establishment has supplemented the availability of the number of seats in the shade located at the back of the establishment, on the historic terrace.

We continue to serve you to always embark you on new flavors and offer you a real taste journey through our original beers, regional wines chosen with the greatest attention around “homemade” meals prepared with care.

Faithful to our image, together we will continue to offer you the possibility of making reservations for group meals: birthdays, seminar meals, associations, retirement or works councils.

And don’t forget that our agenda of concerts and other tasting moments is picking up color. Visit the Events page on this site.

See you soon


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The Glass And Mug, it’s also great events all year round : concerts, sporting moments, tastings or even traditional festivals put in the spotlight with typical menus and always the wise advice of the whole team.

Isabelle et Franck