Brasserie Huyghe box

Coffret Brasserie Huyghe

The Glass and Mug also offers you this tasting box composed of 3 excellent beers from the HUYGHE brewery

    The Guillotine beer is of the Belgian Pale Ale type, blond in color it has an 8.5 ° content, the sugar of the beer reduces the bitterness of the Guillotine, on the nose of yeasts and fruits, alcohol, fruits and spices on the palate, refermentation in the bottle the finish remains dry and bitter, the Guillotine is brewed by the Huyghe brewery in Belgium.

  • DELIRIUM TREMENS – Blond Beer – 33 cl
    Pale blonde, the fine and regular sheen provides a fine and stable foam neck.
    Slightly malty, strong touch of alcohol, spicy.
    A famous taste of alcohol rises in the mouth, and thus warms the tongue and the palate. The taste is also characterized by its roundness. The aftertaste is strong, long and bitter-dry.

    Straw yellow color, limpid, abundant white foam.
    Yeasty nose, hoppy, herbaceous, lemony notes, toast.
    Fruity, generous, hoppy, slightly sweet, fresh, powerful, bitter.

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