Coffret bières d'abbaye

Abbey beers box

A nice gift box offering 3 Abbey beers ACHEL blonde – Belgian Trappist beer – 8%This Belgian beer comes from the culture of Trappist beers. Achel is therefore one of the 7 breweries authorized to affix the Trappist label on their production. The monastery erected in 1850 of Our Lady of Saint-Benoit is based in Achel in Belgium. Being the last born of the Trappist beers, you understand that it is still unknown. It is nonetheless an essential reference for any beer lover.Its golden-orange color gives off an impression of balance for this triple blond beer grading 8%. You will notice that its foam, white and thick, climbs very quickly along your glass. Its notes on the palate will surprise you with their finesse. PAIX DIEU – Brasserie Caulier : the only abbey beer brewed during a full moon.Cloudy and golden with a beautiful creamy, generous and consistent head.Complex, fruity and spicy aromas of hops, malt, yeast and vanilla.Sweet and hoppy flavors, with notes of fruit, yeast, coriander and spices. ROCHEFORT 6 – Dark beer from the Abbey of RochefortRelatively light brown color and beige foam.Fruity and hoppy nose (grapes, caramel, spices).Balance between sugar and bitterness

Bières écossaises

New: our Scottish beers

The Glass and Mug always offers you new flavors with these Scottish beers HOPO BEER 6.2 IPA Broughton 50clAromatic profile: round and fresh. Citrus, lime, biscuit. BEER 50CL WILLIAMS BROS BIRDS AND BEES 4.3 °This ale is brewed from Belgian blond malt, two varieties of hops – Nelson Sauvin and Amarillo – and an infusion of elderflower. It’s a thirst-quenching beer, very thirst-quenching. BEER 50CL WILLIAM BROS MARCH OF THE PENGUINS 4.9 °This dark beer has very malty, coffee aromas that develop into notes of orange zest, liquorice, all revealing a slight bitterness and a creamy texture. Williams Bros.Brewery is one of the first Scottish craft breweries to develop in the late 1980s, and is located in Killibank, the stronghold of Scottish beer. MIDNIGHT SUN BEER – Spicy English dark beer (ginger) 5.6%A delicious typical beer with notes of coffee, roasted malt, spices, ginger and honey. We also discover chocolate notes on the palate. With its dress is a deep black, this beer gives off flavors of caramel and cookies. It’s a complex and sweet beer, paradoxical, like its name! TIN MAN Tropical IPA: Golden, fruity and hoppyThe Head Honcho of the Totemic range, this tribal IPA is pale and powerful, with punchy tropical notes. TALKING HEAD 4,40 ° Blonde American Pale Ale BeerThis APA expresses American hops. The aromas of pine merge with ripe and tropical fruits. A fruity American Pale Ale where the hops present does not erase the touch of wheat. LAGER CHE GUAVA 3,50 ° blond gluten free beerLight, fruity and refreshing beer. This gluten-free lager offers an explosion of guava. With aromas of tropical fruits and citrus.

Cidres Anglais

One good news may hide another: English ciders from HOGAN’S

The GLASS and MUG invites you to taste, now, HOGAN’S ciders, also barely unloaded from the quay … Proudly independent and award-winning cider and perry producer, at Hogan’s one of their mission is not only to tell the world the provenance and quality of their cider, but also to entice everyone with the delicious taste of cider and properly prepared perry.There are a few misconceptions around cider that mean it sometimes isn’t held the same as other drinks. Awaken your senses and offer a new world to explore … This is the motto of HOGAN’S. DRY: a truly traditional cider, golden in color with punchy, smoky and peaty notes that give an earthy side that so wonderfully recalls the rural environment of the countryside of Acester. MEDIUM: aromatic, earthy and well balanced. HIGH Sobriety: High by name but low by nature, this light, refreshing and gently sparkling low-alcohol cider is no less authentically pressed than any of the factory’s other brilliantly flavored ciders, but without the same intoxicating qualities. LIBERTINE: gourmet and sweet cider. Burnt umber in color, dark, bittersweet, warm, Libertine is a rich, tannic cider of unusual depth. Satisfying, exotic and mature (but a bit on the fringes) …. wild, radical, brooding and delicious. This cider has won 4 international gold medals in the past two years with Best in Class. WILD ELDER: Delicately sweet hand-filled elderflower is expertly blended with this 100% fresh pressed cider to create this unique and distinctive blend. A naturally rural hedge aroma is followed by a taste of brilliantly bittersweet English cider. Which makes it an ideal and refreshing companion for those long, hot summer days. Hogan’s – Classic Perry 5.4%: is a medium, slightly sparkling, champagne colored perry, well balanced on the palate with subtle fruit tannins and delicate fruit aromas.

Bières anglaises de la Northen Work

New: 17 English beers from Northern Monk Brew Co

Come and discover our English beers freshly landed from Leeds (England). The Glass and Mug brings you 17 new flavors with these New England IPA-style beers from Northen Monk Brew Co.And to start and give you “beer in your mouth” here: The SCAFELL: a lager hoppy, hazy, juicy, tropical. Hops used: Citra, Mosaic, Simcoe. Large doses of oats and wheat in the brew. The TRANSIENT: a DDH Hazy IPA dry hopped at 20g / l, with Strata hops backed with the ever popular tropical flavors of Citra. It’s a hazy IPA and on passion fruit, orange zest, mango and moist pine. MANGOES ON WITH FAITH: What could go better with Faith’s juicy, tropical and Citra flavors than a tub full of mangoes? On a regular basis of pale barley, oats and wheat, addition of a touch of lactose to complete the mouthfeel with a lassi-type creaminess, and finally 150g / l of mango at the end of fermentation followed by signature drying. Hops from Citra and Mosaic.



Paulaner is a German beer and brewery, established at the beginning of the 17th century in Munich by the monks of the monastery “Neudeck ob der Au”. The monastic order and the brewery are named after François de Paule. Paulaner is, along with Spaten, Augustiner, Hacker-Pschorr, Hofbräu and Löwenbräu, one of the 6 official brewers of the Munich Oktoberfest: Oktoberfest. This beer with smoky cereal aromas has a straw yellow color and abundant foam. Its subtle aroma consists of fruity notes. Its taste on the palate is tangy with a slight smoky bitterness.

Beer of the moment

AVERBODE Abbey beer is on tap at Glass And Mug. This 7.5% Belgian golden blond multigrain beer – barley malt, oats, spelled – raw hopped, technique of adding cold hops during the aging process to enhance the fruity character. This “well-known Belgian abbey beer” is also fermented in the bottle. The result is a beer with a fruity nose, a hint of sweetness and subtle hop aromas with a fresh, powerful and bitter aftertaste, produced by the Brasserie Huyghe brand.

Delirium Red

DELIRIUM RED is under pressure at Glass And Mug. Come and savor this delicious beer with a dark red robe, a fine and compact head of foam and powerful notes of red fruits and cherry. Delirium Red beer is a cherry beer based on Delirium Trémens beer. It is a fruity, very powerful beer which is surprising and very pleasant, produced by the brand Brasserie Huyghe.

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