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One good news may hide another: English ciders from HOGAN’S

The GLASS and MUG invites you to taste, now, HOGAN’S ciders, also barely unloaded from the quay …

Proudly independent and award-winning cider and perry producer, at Hogan’s one of their mission is not only to tell the world the provenance and quality of their cider, but also to entice everyone with the delicious taste of cider and properly prepared perry.
There are a few misconceptions around cider that mean it sometimes isn’t held the same as other drinks. Awaken your senses and offer a new world to explore … This is the motto of HOGAN’S.

  • DRY: a truly traditional cider, golden in color with punchy, smoky and peaty notes that give an earthy side that so wonderfully recalls the rural environment of the countryside of Acester.
  • MEDIUM: aromatic, earthy and well balanced.
  • HIGH Sobriety: High by name but low by nature, this light, refreshing and gently sparkling low-alcohol cider is no less authentically pressed than any of the factory’s other brilliantly flavored ciders, but without the same intoxicating qualities.
  • LIBERTINE: gourmet and sweet cider. Burnt umber in color, dark, bittersweet, warm, Libertine is a rich, tannic cider of unusual depth. Satisfying, exotic and mature (but a bit on the fringes) …. wild, radical, brooding and delicious. This cider has won 4 international gold medals in the past two years with Best in Class.
  • WILD ELDER: Delicately sweet hand-filled elderflower is expertly blended with this 100% fresh pressed cider to create this unique and distinctive blend. A naturally rural hedge aroma is followed by a taste of brilliantly bittersweet English cider. Which makes it an ideal and refreshing companion for those long, hot summer days.
  • Hogan’s – Classic Perry 5.4%: is a medium, slightly sparkling, champagne colored perry, well balanced on the palate with subtle fruit tannins and delicate fruit aromas.
Cidres HOGAN'S
Cidres HOGAN'S - Cidres anglais

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