Selections from the moment to the squeeze

Selections from the moment to the squeeze

At the moment, on tap, we are offering our classics but also rarer or new beers:

  • La Krombacher: Our German thirsty “Pils” beer. Easy to drink, with little bitterness, Krombacher can be enjoyed regularly in several pints, all this facilitated by its alcohol level of 4.8 ° and its very refreshing side.
  • La Delirium Tremens: The blond beer from the famous “Delirium” range from the Huyghe brewery. Spicy, fruity and strong (8.5 °), Tremens is a must-have for triple bers
  • La Paix Dieu: Cistercian abbey beer, brewed only at full moon, this triple beer is fruity and smooth. Despite its 10 ° alcohol content, it remains very (too) easy to drink
  • L’Averbode: The top of the range from the Huyghe brewery, a very well constructed luxury tasting beer, reaching 7.5 ° alcohol content. Norbertine abbey beer, the Averbode is made with 3 cereals: spelled, oats and barley
  • Lupulus Hopera: The latest arrival on tap, a Belgian Pale Ale (equivalent to IPA but designed in Belgium) at 6 ° alcohol content. It presents a hoppy bitterness, florality, and acidity on the malts.

A pub... exceptional beers

Beer... a history of 6000 years

For centuries, people have experimented with different ingredients and brewing methods, and many of these ancient (and recent) discoveries and traditions continue to this day. Add to this long tradition the simple human fact that everyone has different tastes, and that different cultures prioritize different tastes, and have evolved into different traditions of drinking beer … and you get the huge proliferation of different types and beer styles.

So we encourage you – as always – to read, take notes, then get started and experiment !

With over 200 beers, some of which are exceptional, there will be something for everyone.

The Top 8 different types of beers


Pilsner is a light, clear, low-fermentation beer (i.e. involving yeasts that react at low temperatures). It generally titer at 5 degrees and its bitterness is light. It is drunk cool, between 10 and 12 degrees.

Examples : 1664, Kro, Stella, are Pils.

IPA or India Pale Ale

India Pale Ale, or IPA, is a high fermentation beer from the United Kingdom. Initially, when it was designed in the 18th century, it was intended to supply the British colonies established in India: this is where it got its name. APIs are high in alcohol and contain a lot of hops. They have an orange color and a marked bitterness - and know a sacred return of hype.

Examples : The Chouffe IPA or the Brooklyn IPA.


The single, double or triple names refer to abbey beers. The double and triple are more full-bodied due to the addition of malt to the initial mixture. They were generally intended for the guests of the monastery, when the monks were satisfied with the simple one for their daily consumption.

Examples : The triple Karmeliet, the Chouffe, the Duvel.


Lagers are low fermentation beers. They can be blond, amber or brown. Lagers are light beers that keep for a long time. Their origin is to be sought on the side of Bavaria, where they were born in the 15th century. The Pilsners belong to the lager family.

Examples : Heineken, Kro, Stella…


CThese high fermentation beers are originally from England. The Porters gave birth to the Stouts. These are dark beers, slightly caramelized, which are drunk lukewarm.

Example : The Burton Porter.


Stout beers are brewed from a wort with a high grain content with high roasting. They therefore have a slightly smoky, roasted taste, close to the aromas of coffee and a very dark color. The Stouts are originally from Ireland. These are strong beers, which are drunk lukewarm and are quite sweet.

Example : Guinness


Lambic is a beer whose fermentation is spontaneous. These beers are mainly produced in Belgium, in the Senne valley. The beer does not sparkle and has no foam. Generally, the Lambic does not exceed 5 degrees and sometimes serves as a base for the preparation of flavored beers, such as kriek.

Example : Sudden death


Abbey beers were once brewed directly by the monks or by a brewer commissioned by monks. Trappist monks still continue to brew their own beer today. It is a name designating beers that are often a little sweet, strong, with little bitterness and beautiful gold colors.

Example : Leffe


    Bières écossaises


    HOPO BEER 6.2 IPA Broughton 50cl



    MIDNIGHT SUN BEER - Spicy English dark beer (ginger) 5.6%

    TIN MAN Tropical IPA: Golden, fruity and hoppy

    TALKING HEAD 4,40 ° Blonde American Pale Ale Beer

    LAGER CHE GUAVA 3,50 ° blond gluten free beer

    Pub-en 3

    Food match : Sausage, spicy dish, cheese, hamburger and pizza.
    A hell of a beer !


    BRASSERIE LAUGAR / BRIGHT LIGHT India Pale Lager - 6.2%

    Pub-en 4

    Raw gluten-free IPA brewed with Amarillo, Simcoe and Mosaic hops. This beer is gluten-free and vegan.

    Pub-en 5

    Strongly hopped Pale Ale session, brewed with the intention of presenting Mosaic. A refreshing and easy-to-drink beer with spicy citrus and tropical fruit flavors - gluten-free.

    Bières anglaises


    The SCAFELL: a lager hoppy, hazy, juicy, tropical.

    The TRANSIENT: a DDH Hazy IPA dry hopped at 20g / l, with Strata hops backed with the ever popular tropical flavors of Citra.

    MANGOES ON WITH FAITH: What could go better with Faith's juicy, tropical and Citra flavors than a tub full of mangoes?

    Pub-en 6

    Space Hardware is a New England IPA type hoppy lager brewed by Arbor Ales (brewery located in Bristol, England). Here in 56.8 cl large can format.

    Pub-en 7

    Chords : Melon
    BREWERY GARAGE BEER & CLOUDWATER / OUTLIER IPA - 4.8%. Pairings : Peach and citrus.
    BREWERY GARAGE BEER / SOUP Double IPA - 8.5%. Pairings : Peach and citrus.

    Pub-en 8

    A hoppy, golden and pale beer, featuring the best American hops : Citra ! Bold citrus flavors mingle with more subtle tropical fruits, such as lychee, passion fruit and melon.

    Pub-en 9


    DRY: a truly traditional cider, golden in color with punchy, smoky and peaty notes.

    MEDIUM: aromatic, earthy and well balanced.

    HIGH Sobriety: High by name but low by nature, this light, low alcohol cider.

    LIBERTINE: gourmet and sweet cider.

    WILD ELDER: the delicately sweet hand-filled elderflower.

    Pub-en 10

    American hops IPA, Mosaic and Citra. It has great flavors of tropical mango fruit, passion fruit, lychee and sweet grapefruit.

    Pub-en 11

    Milk Shake Stout is a beer brewed by Wiper And True (in Bristol). It was designed with sugar from cow's milk, which gives it a soft, creamy tone. According to the city's brewing traditions (Bristol was known for its milk stouts), the brewers used large quantities of chocolate malts and vanilla pods. The rendering is rich and smooth.

    Pub-en 12

    West Coast IPA with a great citrus aroma, some tropical notes and a grassy pine resin character. Flavors of biscuit, caramel and dry resin dominate this full-bodied beer with part of the fruity note of hops which emerges from time to time in the mouth. Grapefruit finish.