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Brasserie Huyghe box

Coffret Brasserie Huyghe

The Glass and Mug also offers you this tasting box composed of 3 excellent beers from the HUYGHE brewery

    The Guillotine beer is of the Belgian Pale Ale type, blond in color it has an 8.5 ° content, the sugar of the beer reduces the bitterness of the Guillotine, on the nose of yeasts and fruits, alcohol, fruits and spices on the palate, refermentation in the bottle the finish remains dry and bitter, the Guillotine is brewed by the Huyghe brewery in Belgium.

  • DELIRIUM TREMENS – Blond Beer – 33 cl
    Pale blonde, the fine and regular sheen provides a fine and stable foam neck.
    Slightly malty, strong touch of alcohol, spicy.
    A famous taste of alcohol rises in the mouth, and thus warms the tongue and the palate. The taste is also characterized by its roundness. The aftertaste is strong, long and bitter-dry.

    Straw yellow color, limpid, abundant white foam.
    Yeasty nose, hoppy, herbaceous, lemony notes, toast.
    Fruity, generous, hoppy, slightly sweet, fresh, powerful, bitter.

Take advantage of the take-away sale

If you do not have time to stay or have already planned everything at home, the Glass & Mug is also a shop where you can find all the products we serve in the dining room and even more. With around two hundred references of beers, a hundred references of wine and Champagnes as well as a department dedicated to spirits, you will inevitably find everything you need to ensure a most memorable evening or to garnish your own cellar considerably.

The Glass & Mug also thinks of your friends and family by offering to offer them gift boxes that you can assemble as you wish. Once the format chosen, you will have the choice to garnish your basket with Beers, Wines, Champagnes or Spirits which will surprise and delight the lucky recipient. The choice will not be easy as it is vast but we will be at your disposal to help you and advise you to make this gift unique, original and personalized.


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Easy access to us (private parking)

Come and discover our shop where you can find a wide selection of beers, wines and Champagnes !

Guarantor of an attractive boutique part for your shop, you will find for your greatest pleasure around 200 references of beers and 100 references of wines as well as a selection of exceptional spirits. The greatest attention has been paid to the selection of each of its beverages so that you take the maximum pleasure in tasting them.

Leading, raised and issued in the best breweries, it is in your Glass & Mug store in Cornebarrieu that you will find refreshing white beer, blondes with multiple flavors and disparate bitterness. We also have redheads or brunettes with more pronounced tastes but just as pleasant to enjoy a summer evening with friends on our shaded terrace !

Attracted by an Abbey beer, single, double or even triple fermentation, a Belgian, German or from any place in the world, we are certain to be able to bring an answer to your taste buds and ensure that this moment of relaxation and pleasure that is the aperitif remains a moment of sharing, conviviality and pleasure.

Sure to be careful and rigorous in the selection of wines that we offer you thanks to a close partnership with our suppliers, we provide you with a wide range of wines with grape varieties, colors and origins that are just as varied and suitable for all occasions. For an aperitif, a meal, we are at your side to help you, advise you on the best wine that will match your preferences and your dishes.

Served at the right temperature, a dry or semi-dry white for your fish and crustaceans, a soft white for your foie gras : our store will have something to seduce you and your guests.


A  light red wine? Or with a more pronounced tannin, the Glass & Mug team is always there to bring you their expertise and advice from passionate professionals.

N ot miss an opportunity to celebrate or just to please yourself, and it is still with us that you will find a selection of Champagnes ranging from Blanc de Blanc to Blanc de Noir without forgetting Rosés and their fruity taste or Brut and others Semi-dry.

Deploying close collaborations with small producers also allows us to offer you Champagnes with incomparable flavors far from the standards of supermarkets. Do not hesitate to walk through our door and come and ask your questions to our team who will be delighted to distill their knowledge.

Making a point of spoiling spirit lovers, a department is specially dedicated to you with exceptional rums from the West Indies or South America. A selection of tasting Whiskeys also with single malt or blended Whiskeys from Anglo-Saxon producers but also Japanese or many other horizons, but always meticulous and passionate producers who seek the taste perfection of their products that then we put at your disposal.

Unfortunately you prefer white alcohol ? So for you too, the Glass & Mug can offer and surprise you with premium Vodka and Gin, and again our team will guide you so that you can make the best choice!

Good visit !!! You are looking for an original gift that is sure to please, the Glass & Mug also offers gift boxes. Different sizes of hampers are available to you that we have assembled and which are just waiting for you or if you want a precise selection of content, we will make with you the present that suits you and that will enchant its recipient. You will be able to choose to place inside it among our selection of 200 Beers, 100 Wines, Champagnes or spirits, your gift will be unique, original and personalized !

Examples of gift boxes made for you...

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